50 Min Class | 2 Teams | 2 Instructors | Side by Side | Box & Cycle Combo

When you take on a challenge, it’s only you you’re up against. Setting goals, sorry.. rephrase; smashing goals, is what we’re all about at GEARS N GLOVES (GNG). It’s high octane, full on, fast paced and great fun. We only get to feel our best when we do our best. Goals are good, pushing ourselves to be stronger is empowering, right from your muscles down into your soul.

Setting goals means you're up against yourself. GEARS N GLOVES is for you, the goal setters and go-getters.

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The Ultimate Workout

Our new ‘double trouble’ workout is designed for you goal setters and go getters. A 50 minute action packed combo of boxing and indoor cycling. Two instructors, two teams and a whole lot of camaraderie and fun… come n have a go if you think you’re game enough.

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Our indoor cycling set up is brought to you by Stages state-of-the-art technology and engineering with the Stages SC3 bike. Noted as the ultimate studio bike, perfect for HIIT and interval based workouts, you can add or drop resistance quickly and easily, without sacrificing custom micro-adjustments.

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Aqua Training Bag® innovative boxing equipment is fast becoming one of the most popular setups around. GEARS N GLOVES offers a stylish boxing training studio with impact lighting and great music to really give it that knock out work out vibe.

Pirouet House,
Union Street,
St Helier JE2 3RF