High five to new Vibe!

28 June 18
CSG Vibe - what is it and how can it benefit you? Image

Vibe is the perfect post workout or stand alone class that will help to re-lengthen your muscle tissue and reset your body for your next session.

When you carry out intense workouts your muscles produce a build of lactic acid which, if not cleared can cause your muscles to become stiff and fatigued post workout.

Some of this build up is removed as we breathe, however, breathing doesn’t rid it all.

The best way to help your body recover post workout is to make sure you hydrate yourself during and after intense exercise and stretch your muscle tissue effectively.

Effectively stretching muscle tissue means not going to your maximum stretch, you just want to experience enough to allow the muscle tissue to re-lengthen.

This is why we give high five to Vibe. Our new designed Vibe classes are designed to help you recover post Burn or Strong so your body gets the full experience from your workout. In a Vibe class you will connect to your breath and effectively stretch your muscle tissue whilst stabilising your body through movement.

Book your next Vibe class here, your body will love you for it.