Introducing CSG Burn, our signature cardio class

15 March 18
Introducing CSG Burn, our signature cardio class Image

So what makes this workouts so effective?

Our CSG Burn class helps members achieve an 'after burn effect' - a metabolic sweet spot that sheds calories long after the gym session ends.

In these fun, trainer-led group classes you'll wear a MYZONE heart-rate monitor on your chest, allowing you to track your effort and set yourself personal targets.

We didn’t invent interval training or the 'after burn effect', but at Club Soulgenic we have found a brilliant way to deliver it, scientifically.

How do we do it?

We've developed a method to deliver you maximum results in the minimum amount of time!

Basically, you only need to spend 12 minutes in the higher-effort 'after burn' zone during one of our 30 or 40 minute sessions. Your class trainer will tell you how and when to do that, and your MYZONE belt will track your effort and show when you're in the after burn zone.

You can see your effort and progress on the big screen: knowing "I just need to get one more minute in!" is a great motivator. And because of that, it doesn’t actually feel like 40 minutes - we promise!

About CSG Burn

CSG Burn is an interval class with a cardio focus. Here's what to expect:

Warm up

Start with a five minute warm up where you will be guided through the structure of the class and shown many of the important techniques.


Your instructor will then take you through three 10 minute segments.

Starting on one rotation you'll try:

  • an interval treadmill section
  • a boxing section (including footwork drills, boxing, bags & pad work)
  • a body weight section geared towards building strength

Cool down

Bring your heart rate down and stretch the muscles you’ve used during the workout with a five minute cool down.

What outcomes can I expect?

Warning – this class seriously improves your stamina and energy! It's guaranteed to get you fitter and more toned, with much higher energy levels.

Who teaches the class?

We have a variety of qualified coaches who take CSG Burn. You’ll join Paul, Emma, Elliot, Adele, Alex or Karolina for one hell of a cardio party!

What our customers say

"This class is so varied and really does present a great fitness challenge. The curved treadmill is unique in Jersey and really is a must!" - Geoff L

Where can I book?

To view our full timetable of classes and coaches, join the club and book, please download our app using the links below.

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