The secret sauce for success: high intensity group fitness

16 February 18
The secret sauce for success: high intensity group fitness Image
By Glenda Rivoallan, CEO

One of the most common things the team have been asked since we opened is why the Club Soulgenic group fitness model? Well, I figure if the members are asking then the general public might be interested too.

As someone who has been in the industry for too long to admit, the number one rule for any club operator is to stay current. Yes, there are fads and trends that come and go, but there is also lots of cutting edge research out there that we would be crazy to ignore. We have come a long way since the days of Mr Motivator and Reebok Slide!

The gym enthusiast out there might have heard of leading brands Barry’s Bootcamp, 1 Rebel, Soul Cycle, and Orange Theory to name a few. Regardless of their model they have one thing in common which I believe is the secret sauce – high intensity group fitness sessions.

This is at the heart of the Club Soulgenic signature class model. Group workouts have time and time again proven to be more effective in helping members reach their goals and also more successful in keeping members progressing on their wellness journey.

Even in the short time the club has been open I repeatedly hear members saying how much more motivational it is when they train with a buddy or two, and with the extrinsic motivation of the instructor. There is something quite magical that occurs to the mindset when you feel you are in something together. "If she or he can do it, so can I!"

So why 'Vibe,' 'Strong' and 'Burn'?

Well as you may know by now, at Club Soulgenic we’re passionate about our members following a 360º approach. All the scientific evidence points to the importance of a balanced programme of activity, so with this in mind our signature three-class model was born. The three classes are:

Strong – gives you the all-important muscular component that is crucial to ensuring you maintain good strength, posture & muscle tone.

Burn – gives you the cardio focus to ensure that you can tackle daily tasks with energy and vigour. Your heart and lungs are the engine room of your body systems and it’s crucial that we exercise the inside as well as the outside.

Vibe – gives you the ability to work on that all important mind body connection. It’s a part of many wellbeing routines that are either missed or ignored. Often we have to slow down to speed up and this class is a perfect way to reset and recharge. This class also gives that all important stretch that is sadly missed in most workouts – remember stretching helps to reduce soreness after workouts!

And why 30 or 40 minutes?

Well that’s the other special feature of group fitness sessions. With the right design and content, classes do not need to be long – 30 to 40 minutes is proven to be the optimum time frame for high intensity training.

We know that with the help of MyZone you will be maximising effort and working in the right training zone for you! MyZone allows us to deliver a high intensity workout which is both highly effective and safe.

One of each class type per week, 30 minutes at lunchtime and 40 minutes morning or evening, is all you need to stay on top of your wellness.

See you in the club soon!