What is MYZONE?

16 February 18
What is MYZONE? Image

Get tracking, get motivated, get results

We're proud that Club Soulgenic is fully integrated with MYZONE technology. MYZONE is an easy to use and reliable exercise tracker that you wear while you workout. It syncs with our fitness displays, so you can track you heart rate, activity time and calories burned and get real time feedback during your sessions.

With MYZONE, you can be confident that all your hard work is rewarded. It's not about ability - it's about the effort you put in, no matter how fit you are.

Here's a short video that explains how MYZONE works and why it's so damn good!

MYZONE: the lowdown

MYZONE belts are available to buy at a great price for all our members at Club Soulgenic.

Remember, with MYZONE you can:

  • View your effort live on screens in Club Soulgenic studios
  • View your effort live on your smartphone
  • Make connections and challenge friends
  • Earn points and gain status rankings
  • Connect to other wearable devices
  • Get trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy