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Our class timetable is packed! With up to 20 classes a day to choose from, there will always be a workout for you.

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Signature Classes

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CSG Burn

We burn hard and HIIT even harder, with interval running using a curved treadmill, footwork using pads & boxing equipment, and strength work using body weight. This highly intensive group experience is one hell of a cardio party!

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CSG Strong

We get strong together, building endurance, strength and power in a class of both physical and mental intensity using a combination of TRX, kettlebells and Reebok deck. Condition, re-sculpt and strengthen selected muscle groups.

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CSG Vibe

Vibe classes are designed as a stand-alone session or to help you recover after Burn or Strong. Give your body a full workout experience. Connect to your breath and effectively stretch your muscle tissue whilst stabilising your body through movement.

MindBody Classes

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The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to yoke or to bind. Our Yoga classes aim to provide a well-rounded practice that will unite your mind-body experience through physical movements, breath awareness and mindfulness. Whatever your level we have the right class for you.

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Pilates helps enhance the connection between mind and body, while increasing energy. This class is suitable for all levels, building core strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on technique.

Speciality Classes

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Learn how to train with the vast array of functional equipment available at Club Soulgenic. Our coach-led sessions will give you the confidence to use the functional training areas on your own and improve your fitness.

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Soul Camp

An after school workout designed for boys and girls aged between 11-17 years old. All Soul Camp classes include a post-workout smoothie and meal from Nude Food, to eat-in or takeaway.

Pirouet House,
Union Street,
St Helier