Corporate Wellness

Soulgenic’s vision is to help the maximum number of people live healthier lives through technology that integrates well with their way of life.

Bringing wellness to the workplace is a vital part of that vision.

Experience the flexibility, technology, enterprise, and spirit of partnership that makes us unique.

Your company’s journey of transformation starts here.

Soulgenic online

Why exercise at the gym if you can exercise anywhere?

Using Soulgenic's online tools, your employees can take advantage of wellness activities, on their own device, wherever they want, and at their own convenience.

We focus on four pillars of wellness: fitness, nutrition, mind body and health, offering video, audio and reading content of the highest quality, produced by professionals of the highest calibre.

Our unique content includes:

  • Fitness and yoga classes
  • Mindfulness and meditation classes
  • Recipes, nutrition articles and cookery videos
  • General health advice videos

Our rolling 28 day content programmes will guide your employees on their journey to better health and fitness, measuring their progress along the way.

Club Soulgenic

For Jersey employers, we offer the additional benefit of Club Soulgenic. 

Club Soulgenic is Jersey’s first fully integrated fitness and wellness centre. We’re leading the way and providing a unique experience for our members.

With 10,000 sq ft of fitness and wellness facilities spread over three floors, our brilliant team creates a positive and caring community that motivates and rewards our members on their journey to optimum health and wellbeing.

We’re proud to partner with Nude Food, a clean eating whole foods café that provides a warm, welcoming and well-designed place in the club to meet and eat. (Opening Q1 2018.)

We can provide your employees with membership or credits for our group fitness classes, freestyle gym use or any other services.

Other services

  • Practitioner services
    • Physiotherapy
    • Nutrition advice
    • Psychotherapy
    • Chiropractic
    • Massage
  • Workplace health checks
  • Workstation assessments
  • Wellness workshops and seminars
  • Corporate wellness away days
  • Tailor-made annual wellness programmes

Why focus on wellness?

Research into corporate wellness programmes has shown that when employees are empowered to take control of their health, the benefits are extraordinary, both personally and professionally. Soulgenic's Corporate Wellness service provides fully customisable options, online and offline, for companies of all sizes, with programmes that are easy to implement and manage.

How can you reduce cost incurred by sickness?

In the UK, the average office worker currently takes 6.5 days of absence per year. This amounts to 190 million working days for absence and approximately £8.4 billion lost annually. Particularly common complaints include back pain episodes and stress-related illness. Preventative strategies made available to employees, focusing on key areas such as musculoskeletal care, nutritional guidance and stress management techniques, can help employees remain mentally and physically well and suffer less sickness absence.

How do you make your employees more productive?

The cost of so-called "presenteeism" to UK employers is estimated at £15 billion per year, significantly more than absenteeism. Your employees are present at work, but might still be absent in terms of focus and productivity. Showing an interest in the person behind the job role by providing health and wellness initiatives can help employees feel more valued, better understood, more motivated, and part of a community. Online resources are an exceptionally cost-efficient way to achieve this. Small group training and education can also enhance engagement and productivity.

How do you attract and retain talent?

Workplace health initiatives are a great way to help ensure your star hires stay healthy, productive and motivated. Sought-after talented people are now looking for wellness programmes as part of an organisation's employee benefits package.

How do you stand out from other organisations ?

By illustrating exactly how your company invests in the wellbeing of its
employees with convenient and relevant wellness programmes. Be loud and proud about how you care for your employees.

What is the return on investment in a wellness programme?

Multiple studies and reports show that a healthy work force means more positivity in the office, reduced medical costs and better overall productivity.

  • 60% see improved time management skills, mental performance and deadline achievement on exercise days.
  • 70% of employees with wellness programmes feel their company cares about them.
  • 81% of companies with 200+ employees reported that wellness programmes improved health and 69% reported reduced health-related costs.

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