The Club

Club Soulgenic is so much more than a gym.

Our unique Triple Studio classes will change the way you workout forever, with a new and innovative approach to all round fitness. Combine that with health practitioners and a great café, and Club Soulgenic will be your everyday retreat in the heart of St Helier, a healthy haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So join us. Get fit, reset & recharge at Club Soulgenic.

Amazing facilities


With 10,000 sq ft of dedicated wellness services spread over three floors, you can be sure we’ve got you covered.

Four studios

We have three floors of purpose-built health and fitness facilities in the centre of St Helier, including four studios covering cardio, strength, mind body and personal coaching.


We’re proud to partner with Nude Food, a clean eating, whole foods café that provides a warm, welcoming and well designed place to meet & eat.

FunXtion Studio

Discover the buzz!

Our FunXtion Studio is unlike anything else in Jersey. Packed with phenomenal workout equipment, including eight TRX Suspension Trainers, we have created an inspirational and immersive fitness environment.

Group Fitness

The studio is home to our CSG Strong classes, which build endurance, strength and power using a combination of TRX, kettlebells and Reebok deck.


The Studio is equipped with a FunXtion Experience Station, an interactive touchscreen device offering an extensive exercise library, workouts, challenges and timers. Members can quickly and easily create their own bespoke programs on the Experience Station using the 55” touchscreen.

Mind Body Studio

A soothing SPACE

Our Mind Body Studio has been carefully designed to provide a relaxing environment. It's a place where you can let the stresses and strains of the day slip away, and focus on developing that all important mind-body connection.

Feel Grounded

Mind body sessions are fully integrated into our wellness program. Improve your flexibility and core strength, prevent or overcome injury and feel grounded after every class.

Fully equipped

Whether it's yoga, pilates, CSG Vibe or a mindfulness session, you'll find all the equipment you need - luxurious mats, blocks, soft blankets, meditation stools and a selection of supportive cushions and bolsters.

Cardio Studio

feel the burn

A spacious, light and airy modern studio fully equipped with punch bags, rowing machines and amazing curved treadmills.


You'll burn hard and HITT even harder with CSG Burn, our high tech, high intensity group experience.

Fully integrated tech

The Studio is integrated with MYZONE technology. This easy to use and reliable exercise tracker syncs with our fitness displays, so you can track your heart rate, activity time and calories burned and get real time feedback during your workouts. 

Personal Coaching Studio

It's time to get personal

Our private Personal Coaching Studio is available for members who want a one-to-one session with one of the Club Soulgenic coaches, who will be overseen by Dan Reis.

Maximise your potential

Our team of personal coaches offer a variety of approaches to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether the objective is aesthetic or performance-driven, our coaches design and instruct bespoke training programmes to ensure members maximise their potential.

Changing rooms

Stylish spaces

We believe that your experience of the club extends beyond your workouts. That's why we've designed our changing rooms to provide a cool and contemporary space to prepare and unwind.

Designed for convenience

Our facilities are comfortable and convenient, whether you're flying through the Club to complete one of our specially designed 30 minute lunchtime sessions, or taking your time over a relaxing post-work session.

Beautiful interiors

Powerful rain showers. Stylish furniture. Beautiful interior design. Spacious & secure lockers. They're not going to make you any fitter, but they will ensure you arrive and leave the Club with a smile on your face!

Clean, nude, uncomplicated food

A warm. friendly, customer-focused, well designed, tech savvy, whole foods cafe on the ground floor of Soulgenics that serves healthy breakfast and brunch options all morning, buddah bowls for lunch and wok bowls and wholesome stir-frys and curries in the evening.

Nude food is a clean eating, whole foods cafe that provides a warm, welcoming, well designed, people focused place to meet & eat or grab on the go food for finance, fitness professionals and enthusiasts as well as visitors to St Helier who want consistently interesting and varied healthy, whole food goodness without compromising on taste, in an era where we are celebrating optimal vitality and define health and beauty from the inside out.

Pirouet House,
Union Street,
St Helier