MYZONE & FunXtion

Unrivalled technology ensures our members get real results

Nothing gets you more motivated than seeing your workout effort turn into results. At Club Soulgenic, we’ve installed MYZONE - an accurate exercise tracking system and FunXtion - a personal digital coach, to ensure our members can track their progress and access personalised workouts whenever it suits them.

MYZONE tracks effort

FIND your fitness zones

Everyone has different fitness zones that can change over time. MYZONE identifies, adapts, and rewards those zones, displaying the information in five simple colour-coded tiles, based on your intensity. The more effort you put in, the higher your zone and the more MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) you earn. MEPs turn fitness into a fun and exciting game.

Rewarding your effort

MYZONE doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted - it measures the effort put in. This levels the playing field so that a beginner's effort can be comparable with the effort exerted by elite athletes. Everyone can control the effort they exert, and it is the control of that factor that makes MYZONE so fun and engaging.

MYZONE collaborates

Real time feedback

MYZONE is simple to use and easily integrates with our group fitness displays at Club Soulgenic, tracking you heart rate, activity time and calories burned for real time feedback on your workouts. 


It’s also syncs with smartphone & smartwatch apps, and is even able to connect to your favourite bike computer or sync with Apple Health.

Free app

The free MYZONE app gives you access to your customised activity page, where you can view your daily, weekly and yearly results. You can also set goals, view status rankings, enter group challenges and even connect, comment and like your friends' workouts.


One of the key benefits of MYZONE is that it has a memory chip, so if you want to forget your phone, it’s OK! Go running, paddleboarding, or even rake leaves for the afternoon and let your belt count every beat!

MYZONE motivates

Record your effort

MYZONE gives real time feedback during each workout to encourage effort in the moment via in-gym monitors or your smartphone. The MYZONE smartphone app then stores that data in the form of a logbook. This helps you set and attain goals.

Share with friends

In order to enhance the sense of satisfaction, the platform also enables you to compete with friends and to communicate for fun and encouragement. Social sharing, leaderboards, and community add real power to the motivational forces you can expect from MYZONE.


MYZONE motivates you to put in the effort required to get the health and fitness results you want. It encourages you to keep to your exercise routine with a device you can trust, data based on your effort rather than fitness, and an active online community. Because the reality is that if you hit your numbers, you’ll hit your goals.

FunXtion. Your personal digital coach


Our FunXtion Studio is equipped with a FunXtion Experience Station, an interactive touchscreen device offering an extensive exercise library, workouts, challenges and timers.


Members can quickly and easily create their own bespoke programs on the Experience Station using the 55” touchscreen.


Club Soulgenic's approach is designed to get real results. But the biggest challenge to making fitness part of your routine is how to take this approach with you when you leave the club. With FunXtion Interactive, our members can workout wherever they are – at the gym, at home or on the go - providing the flexibility needed to get the most from their fitness routine.

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