Meet the team

Jo de la Mare

Jo has always been active, representing the Island in numerous Southern County Championships over the years before 'retiring' in her late teens.

But her fitness journey really started in 2012, when she suffered a terrible back injury while snowboarding. Initially Jo couldn't exercise at all for over two years, but finally battled through the pain to start training again. And in 2015, her experience of personal training changed her life. It was a slow start and has been a long journey, but today Jo has improved both physically and mentally to the point where she hardly experiences any pain.

Jo's story is inspirational. Having seen first hand what it is possible to achieve with a good trainer, she now dedicates herself to helping others to get back into fitness - to take those first scary steps into the gym and overcome their physical and mental barriers to become healthier, happier versions of themselves.

Pirouet House,
Union Street,
St Helier